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Statement on Haiti from the Chilean Communist Party (Proletarian Action)

January 17, 2010

Haiti and Its Heroic People
The pain and anguish of the people of Haiti cannot be understood without knowing the background reasons, from the point of view of the interests of the Haitians. In this article we give some elements that will undoubtedly allow communist and revolutionary militants to explain themselves and therefore to better explain the Haitian suffering.
National Communications Commission of the Chilean Communist Party (Proletarian Action) PC (AP)
Haiti, Your Heroic People and the Revolution Will Save You.
Imperialism, which has sunk Haiti into the most absolute misery, is shedding crocodile tears and is speaking of the "Biblical curse" that is "punishing" the Haitian people for the "sin" of having led in the first great social revolution in the Caribbean and having created the first free Republic in the Caribbean. These poor people, full of dignity, from the beginning of the earthquake have taken up the fight for survival and mutual aid. This is the way the Canadian writer of Haitian origin, Dany Laferrière, describes it who visited Port-au-Prince at the time of the earthquake (read his testimony at
Haiti has not been condemned by any "curse" but by brutal French colonialism and U.S. imperialism and its local agents. The French Empire forced Haiti to pay the exorbitant sum of $21 billion in current dollars from 1825 until 1947 to not brutally invade Haiti as Napoleon did. The nascent U.S. empire began its aggression against Haiti in 1806 when the U.S. Congress under French pressure forbade trade with Haiti. The U.S. Marines have invaded Haiti in 1914, 1915, 1994 and 2004. They occupied the country for 19 years from 1914 to 1934 and appropriated $500,000 in gold that were the only monetary reserves of the country. Imperialism has controlled all Presidents coming from the black or mulatto bourgeoisie, murderous dictators or so-called "democrats", who collaborated with the looting of the country: General Vilbrum Guillaume Sam (1914), Phillipe S. Dartiguenane, (1915-1922), Joseph Bornu, Elie Lescot (1941), Sténin Vincent, father and son Duvalier (1956-1986), General Namphy (1986), General Prosper Avril (1988), General Raoul Cédras (1991), Gerard Latortue (2004)... Imperialism has massacred and supported all the massacres suffered by the Haitian people: 3 thousand patriots were massacred in 1919; 18 thousand Haitians were massacred by the Dominican tyrant Trujillo in 1935, 40 thousand revolutionaries and opponents were liquidated by the fierce Duvalier dictatorship. Over all the country has been looted one thousand and one times so that it could never get out of misery. The U.S. financially controlled the country until 1941, the younger Duvalier took refuge in 1986 in France under Mitterrand with $900 million from the public treasury, an amount greater than the country's foreign debt at that time, the liberalization of the country after Duvalier caused it to sink further into poverty.
But Haiti is the homeland of great revolutionaries: Rosalvo Bobo, the leader of the first anti-imperialist insurrection in 1915, Charlemagne Peralte, the leader of the second insurrection (1918-1920), Jacques Roumain, great intellectual founder of the Haitian Communist Party, Antoine G. Petit, Professor Gerard Pierre Charles...
It is a country of revolutionary organizations that are active today: the Initiative Committee for the Formation of the Communist Party of Haiti (COIFOPCHA), the New Communist Party of Haiti, the Popular National Party and mass organizations such as the workers' front Batay Ouvriye, the peasant organization Tet Kole Ti Peyizan Axisyen,...
The future of Haiti depends on ending imperialist political and military interference, the revolution in the neighboring Dominican Republic and in the Caribbean would be strengthened, the Haitian revolutionary organizations inside and in the diaspora would be rebuilt and the country is receiving the sincere solidarity of the countries of the world.
Obama has sent the genocidal Bush and the no less bellicose Clinton at the head of 10,000 marines, aircraft carriers and aircraft that are going to "help" Haiti. This already lets one see the imperialist intentions: to keep the country in misery and submission in order to put pressure on Cuba and to prevent the revolution in the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Jamaica.

Chilean Communist Party (Proletarian Action) PC(AP)

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