Thursday, June 03, 2010

Against the barbarity of the fascist state of Israel! Solidarity with the Palestinian people!

International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations (ICMLPO)

The brutal aggression carried out by the Nazi-Zionist army against the so-called "freedom flotilla" deserves the merciless condemnation, rejection, and general denunciation. The State of Israel, which has carried out a systematic genocide against the Palestinians, with the complicit silence of the misnamed democracies, has subjected the people of Gaza to famine and has prevented any kind of humanitarian aid, food, medicine, material to rebuild houses destroyed by Israeli bombing, school supplies, etc. from reaching the suffering population (more than a million and a half people in a strip that is 40 kilometers long by 6 kilometers wide).
The "freedom flotilla" was carrying tons of aid, but the State of Israel stopped it by the bestial force of its troops. That State does not respect any of the resolutions of the United Nations Organization, nor any international agreements; it knows no reason other than brute-force and the support of U.S. imperialism and others.
The ship "Mavi Marmara" of Turkish nationality and flag was attacked by military speedboats, by special commandos in helicopters who fired on people of different nationalities who were bringing aid to the Palestinian people. It was a military operation against unarmed civilians, soldiers trained to kill people who fight with words and solidarity, for peace and justice. With total impudence, the Tel Aviv Government declared that its soldiers "acted in self-defense" against the arms of the civilian activists. The confiscated weapons were screwdrivers, a multi-purpose knife, tools appropriate for a boat, hammers, a pair of tires, etc. This action was carried out in international waters, that is, it was an act of pure and simple piracy with total contempt for international law. But NATO, to which Turkey belongs, has just spoken words "regretting the incident", just like the United Nations Organization in which the United States vetoed an explicit condemnation of Israel by the Security Council. Once again, U.S. imperialism is preventing the condemnation of this fascist State, of which Washington is the principal supporter and protector.
The indignation of the peoples of the world has broken out in many demonstrations in major cities, particularly in Europe, in France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Portugal and, with particular combativeness, in Turkey. Faced with this popular indignation there was the cool hypocrisy of the governments, which merely "condemned and asked for explanations", when the Zionist State should be expelled from international agencies and have its preferential agreements with the European Union cancelled for its criminal activity.
Even today, June 2, it is not known exactly how many people were killed (assassinated) or how many were wounded in the operation. With the greatest cynicism, the Israeli Ambassador to Spain stated to the media, besides the refrain of self-defense, that there were only a dozen dead among more than 700 people on board, which "is a very low proportion".
President Obama, the "democrat" who is sounding war drums against Iran and North Korea, who is maintaining the criminal embargo against Cuba, who is continuing the attack on Afghanistan, and Iraq, has limited himself to regret for what happened, nothing more.
The passiveness towards the continuous aggressions and crimes of the State of Israel has allowed it to enjoy total impunity so far. It is time to put an end to that situation. This fascist, reactionary, racist State must be condemned and fought. The Palestinian people have the right to form their own State within secure borders, to recover the territories occupied by the Zionists and to be compensated for all the barbarities of all kinds that they face.
We must increase solidarity with the Palestinian people and, at the same time, denounce and fight Zionism and all that protect it. Israel has the fourth most powerful army in the world, it has an atomic arsenal and weapons of mass destruction which is a real powder keg, not only for the Middle East.
The International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations expresses its total solidarity with the Palestinian people and their just struggle, which must be expressed in concrete actions. Our solidarity with the victims of Israeli piracy.
Long live the struggle of the Palestinian people. Against imperialism and reaction, a fight to the finish!

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