Wednesday, June 02, 2010

EMEP: Not to be Indifferent Against the Attack of Israel

Levent Tüzel

Public opinion of our country is now in a "puzzle" and anger with the attack, which was made to the aid ship for Palestine by Israel.

According to the first news, 10 people from Turkey died. This shows the dimension of the banditry of Israel. Who does Israel, who conducted this lawless treachery against an humanely aid, pluck up this courage from? It is clear that Israel State is responsible for the deads. On the other hand, what kind of measures did Turkish Government take, although the attack was guessed? To tell the truth, it just passed over and observed the anticipated events passively.

The Israel tyranny on the Palestinian people headed for the solidarity forces, who are not unlooker to the Israel brutality. Not only USA, who is the shield of Israeli occupier politics, but also the government in our country who has agreements with Israel is responsible for this attack. So, now, the responsibility of the government in this issue is evident: It should carry out what is needed avoiding the abuse of internal politics by the show "One minute".

Turkey has been pulled into the Middle East questions and imperialist plans and policies. Unfortunately, the government is willing to take a part in these plans with the profound strategies like "regional power", "active foreign policy". Acting in a competition with Israel, with the ambitions to become a big power is not a policy which is responsible and serves for the peace. What happened so far dreadfully prove this.

People of Turkey will be by the side of the Palestinian people in this day as they were before and will response to this attack which was directed to the aid ship, from all points of our country. AKP government should immediately draw away from the imperialist plans and ambitions, quit the agreements which will bog down our country and put an end to the bases and nuclear arms of the USA in our land.


Labour Party (EMEP), Turkey

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