Friday, September 24, 2010

All together, to refuse to pay for the crisis

For international solidarity

General strike in Spain, demonstrations in Italy, Greece, France and international demonstration of trade unions in Brussels. The 29th of September is an important day of mobilization for the working class and the working people to refuse to pay for the crisis, to say "no" to the plans of austerity that neoliberal and social-liberal governments, the European Commission and the IMF want to impose on us. They have begun with Greece and the workers and the people of this country have been the first to say “no”, with the support of the workers and people of the other countries who have expressed their solidarity.

Everywhere, the aim of reducing the social budgets is to carry out a huge transfer of wealth from the Labour in favour of Capital, to guarantee the profits of banks, of the biggest monopolies. Hundreds of billions of public money are given to banks and big firms to save the profits of shareholders. Eleven million of millionaires in the world are getting richer, whereas more than one billion of human beings suffer from utmost poverty.

The bosses are firing massively by putting workers in concurrence on the European and international level. They blackmail on working places in order to lower the wages and impose flexibility, the generalization of part-time jobs, imposed mainly to women.

Governments are privatizing and dismantling the systems of social welfare, gained by the struggles of the workers, and more specifically the system of pension, in order to offer new markets to banks and private insurance companies, to private monopolies. By struggling against privatizations, for better wages, for jobs, the workers of public sector of education, health are also struggling for the popular sectors that need these social services.

In order to launch this frontal attack, bosses and governments try to divide the people, by developing chauvinism and racism, as we can actually see in France with the ugly campaign against Roma and immigrants. They want to criminalize the social movement bu reinforcing the control and repression against the" dangerous classes" ; the Youth, the inhabitants of poor suburbs and all those who resist to this policy of social regression.

The workers are struggling all together, to defend their rights and the same rights for all, even for the undocumented workers who are part of the working class.

The fierce concurrence for the control of markets and primary resources is expressing itself in conflicts and wars. The ugly war waged by imperialist powers and their armed weapon, NATO, against the people of Afghanistan, has also as the background the control of the gas pipe-lines and the raw material of this country.

Therefore, we say; "we shall not pay for your crisis; we shall not pay for your wars"

Let’s develop the solidarity, the support to the struggles and resistances, between the people of all the countries

In all countries, workers and peoples’ resistances are developing, to oppose the attacks of Capital and to reject this policy of putting us in concurrence each others. The class solidarity is our weapon for developing the support of their class brothers to the workers of each country, in order to combat all together.

The crisis of the capitalist system is severe; its social and environmental dammages, the conflicts and wars due to this crisis, make it urgent and necessary to impose a policy which provokes a rupture with this system; a policy of unity and struggle, unifying all the victims of this system.

As parties and organisations referring to the working class, we claim our conviction that the only true, lasting and effective issue to the crisis of capitalist imperialist system makes necessary its reversal and the establishing of socialism.

Hail the struggle of the working class, of the youth, of the people, to refuse to pay for the crisis of capitalism!

No to austerity!

The oligarchy has to pay for their crisis!

Hail the international solidarity!

Organisation pour la construction d’un parti communiste ouvrier d’Allemagne - ; Parti Communiste des Ouvriers du Danemark APK - ; Parti Communiste d’Espagne (Marxiste Léniniste) PCE(ML) –; Jeunesse communiste d’Espagne (Marxiste-Léniniste) JCE(ML) -, Plateforme des Citoyens pour la République –; Parti Communiste des Ouvriers de France PCOF –; Organisation pour la reconstruction du Parti Communiste de Grèce 1918-1955 –, Plate-forme Communiste d’Italie –,

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