Friday, October 01, 2010

PCMLE: Something stinks ...

Something stinks ...

With a huge military deployment, only applicable for large battles, the Colombian army, monitored and directed from the Pentagon, bombed the rebel camp of the FARC-EP in which the commander Jorge Briceno, Mono Jojoy was, causing his death Like others of his comrades. The joy of Colombian President, Juan Manuel Santos is enormous cause of this "success" and criminal operation. Days before this event, the armed forces of that country dealt a further blow to the insurgent group, for that Santos gave thans by the cooperation of the Army of Ecuador.

In these same days the U.S. government approved the award of an additional $ 15 million for the implementation of Plan Ecuador, according to its inspiring, aims to combat drug trafficking and promoting development in the Ecuadorian side of the border with Colombia. It came amid official visit to the Ecuador defense minister, Javier Ponce, made to the United States, where he met with Pentagon chief Robert Gates. About the things that are knew in public Ponce asked to US insist Colombia to makes a militarily control in the border with our country. Surely the Minister will have arrived in other agreements on behalf of the Ecuadorian government. Ecuador has deployed more than 10 thousand militar effectives on the border with Colombia, a figure never covered in the past, fulfilling the role of retaining wall to the Colombian rebel forces, the military readiness necessary for the implementation of Plan Colombia. Since Hillary Clinton was here, on this land was also the secretary of state of the U.S. to Latin America, Arturo Valenzuela, Javier Ponce now visit the Pentagon and Juan Manuel Santos thanked the Ecuadorian government for their military service in the counterinsurgency fight. There are not simple visits, are manifestations of a government policy of rapprochement and agreements with U.S. imperialism. Something stinks in Carondelet.


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