Friday, December 24, 2010

The New Year's reference of the leadership of All-Union Communist party (bolsheviks).

Dear comrades!
2010 marked by the important events both in Russia, and in the world becomes property of history. Ominous breath of crisis is forced writhes in spasms the capitalist system based on a money power. In full conformity with logic of capitalism when workers tighten belts, bosses of the capital make profit of crisis, trying to shift its weight on shoulders of the maintained. Also political approach of the capital to the won rights of workers simultaneously amplifies, the anticommunist hysteria, first of all in Europe is untied. However workers all answer it with strikes and other protest actions more actively. A general strike in Greece, strike struggle and mass protest actions in Spain, Italy, Great Britain and other countries became the important events of 2010. There is no doubt that 2011 will be marked by new class battles.
2010 became year of tests and for workers of Russia. Summer fires during which period the power has shown the uttermost incompetence, bloody international collisions in Moscow, a proceeding genocide, the further decomposition of the ruling mode showing not simply neglect, and a devil-may-care attitude to the working people of Russia and anxious that the house animals and the World championship on football of 2018 have opened eyes on original essence of the Russian power much people who was in a captivity of the demagogy erected in a rank of the state propagation. Workers of Russia start to be stirred more actively to action that have shown May events in Mezhdurechensk and the bloody massacre arranged with the authorities over miners.
Medvedev-Putin's ruling semifascist dictatorship in 2010 continued to strengthen repressions against defenders of interests of the working people of Russia, establishing a police regime and even more often using for suppression of the protest power structures of the state and hired gangs. Political murders, a fabrication of criminal cases, separation children on political grounds at parents became realities of today's Russia. In the attempts to prolong existence of a regime of the genocide meaning reduction of the population of Russia on one million the person annually, full disorder of the basic industries, agriculture and a science and simultaneously – possibility of superenrichment of ruling circles and bureaucracy, a ruling mode rejects even the bourgeois rights and freedoms, crushes even the most reactionary Constitution of Russia.
We, Bolsheviks as original spokesmen of interests of the working people of Russia, never we will kneel before executioners and robbers of Russia, never will be, as it is done by turncoats from ideas of communism, to search for "consensus" with a ruling clique and to address to it with exhortative entreaties. Our way – a struggle way for a socialist revolution, and us spiteful attacks of the compromisers impudently appropriating a rank will not stop on this way repressions of a ruling regime, “leaders of the public protest”. 2010 became year of restoration of the basic structures of our party after attempts of its defeat by a ruling mode in 2009. Taken place in the autumn of 2010 XXIV congress AUCP (b) has made decisions which focus party on work in new conditions. The central newspaper of party again began to leave, has renewed the work an Internet site, there were new points of distribution of the newspaper. There is no doubt that in 2011 Bolsheviks will achieve new successes.
We send our New Year's congratulations to all members and candidates in members AUCP (b), to all who in word and deed helps party. Let 2011 becomes year of execution of all your desires! Let light and heat always will be in your families! Happy to you, dear comrades, firmness and courage!
Our New Year's congratulations to all who, without dividing completely our sights, not in words, and in practice defends interests of the working people of Russia! Let 2011 becomes year of unity in our struggle against exploiters and compromisers!
We send our New Year's congratulations to brotherly communistic and revolutionary parties! Let 2011 will be marked by new victories in your struggle against our general class enemies – imperialism and its puppets!
Our New Year's greetings to the comrades, thrown in reaction torture chambers, to comrades against whom the bourgeois justice fabricates criminal cases, to the comrades, compelled because of political prosecutions is far from the Motherland! Let all these tests remain in 2010, and 2011 becomes for you year of freedom and a celebration of justice!
Our New Year's congratulations to all fighters for interests of the workers, all fighters against reaction, against operation of the person by the person, to all fighters for peace, progress and a socialism!
Let 2011 becomes year of successes of revolutionary struggle!
Happy New, 2011,Year, dear comrades!

The first Secretary the Central Committee of All-Union Communist party (bolsheviks) Alexander Lapin.

Secretary the Central Committee of All-Union Communist party (bolsheviks) Dr. Zinaida Smirnova.

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