Friday, December 24, 2010

The revisionists of “K”KE…

“the ideas of perestroika correspond to the requirements of the reorganization of socialism, and contribute significantly to the development of the modern... theory of socialism, socialism has never been more attractive” (A. Papariga, “Pravda” June 25, 1991) (p. 8-9).

Gorbachev-Papariga: The “brave kids” of Nikita Khrushchev (Moscow, June 1991)

Papariga-Kolozov-Trigazis went to Moscow in June 1991 to meet M. Gorbachev and hand him a statue of Hercules for "his herculean effort to build socialism in USSR"


“As a concept, perestroika rendered invaluable services to the international movement. Of course, during its development certain difficulties arose about which we are concerned.  At any rate, we agree that we should move forward and not go back. Our thesis consists in support and solidarity to CPSU.” (A. Papariga, Moscow, “Rizospastis” 21 June 1991)

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