Friday, July 04, 2008

Irish people said NO to the Lisbon’s treaty !

With great happiness we welcome the victory of the « No » in Ireland. This is a victory for the Irish people and for all the peoples from the UE who have massively opposed to a text that takes the essential content and objectives of the constitutional European treaty.

We welcome the forces that have leaded the campaign to give to this « No » a progressive content and that have played a decisive role in this victory.

Peasants, workers and the people have defeated the great coalition of political and social forces, the employers, the Medias, which have mobilized in favor of the « Yes ». They have tried to make the Irish people guilty and menaced it with « taking reprisals ». Merkel, Sarkozy, Barroso and company have multiplied the pressures and the intimidations. This is a serious political defeat for them.

Just like the French and Dutch people did in 2005, the Irish people has put its bit into this « hideous » neoliberal machine, synonym of social dumping, of competition between everyone, of the priority for the agro business in spite of the little peasants. It has said « No » to the militarized Europe, at NATO’s rear.

In spite of this popular rebuff, the UE and the spokesmen from the anti-democratic government and the European commission… have proclaimed that they will « continue ». For them, a vote is only democratic if it ratifies their decisions. This is like the whole process of construction of the European Union, a process made against the peoples, behind their back, and who never accept their sanctions. A process that is built against the peoples of Europe and Africa, to put in place a European Union, a big imperialist foreign power that compete with the other foreign powers for the markets and the control of resources. A European Union that has just legalized the 65 hours a week of labor and replaced collectives negotiations by the « one-to-one » relation between the employer and the worker and finish with all the social conquest, the right to the work. A European Union that is making a hunt with the paperless workers, that puts them in retention camps, expulses them and at the same time want to « choose » the brains and arms that it needs. A European Union that promotes the reactionary « values » of the church and wants to question the right to abort.

In front of the antisocial and reactionary attacks from the UE, the mobilizations of the workers haven’t stopped developing.

This political victory for the peoples encourages us to develop even more the links of fight and solidarity for fighting together against the politic that exclusively serves to the monopolies and the financial oligarchy.

The vote of the Irish people has to be respected and the process of ratification of the Lisbon’s treaty.

Madrid, June 2008

Communist Party of Spain (Marxist-Leninist) – PCE (ML) Workers Communist Party of France – PCOF
Workers Communist Party of Denmark – APK
Revolutionary Communist Party of Turkey– TDKP
Communist Platform (Italy)
Marxist-Leninist Organization Revolution of Norway

Note: Movement for the Reorganisation of the KKE 1918-55 cosigns this declaration.

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