Friday, July 18, 2008

Lift the sanctions on Freedom of Thought and Press! Oppose Hayat TV being silenced!

We were terrified and shocked to learn on 16th July that Hayat TV, a TV station found on 3rd December 2007 as a result of the support provided by hundreds of intellectuals, trade unionists and democracy and human right campaigners in Turkey and Europe, has been put off air as a result of a letter sent by the TURKSAT authorities to the enterprising company. 
According to the information that we have received thus far, no material evidence or factual information has been provided by Turksat as to why Hayat TV should be put off air. Without a legal process taking place or, in other words, with a court decision Hayat TV has been put off air based on the accusation of `broadcasting divisive footage`.   
We have never promoted hatred amongst people. On the contrary, as it is evident with the way in which we have been promoting cohesion and integration vis-à-vis the migrants from Turkey living in Europe, we have opposed nationalism and have been advocates of cohesion and fraternity. Thus we strongly oppose the interruption of Hayat TV, which since the day it has started broadcasting it has opposed war and aimed to be a voice of democracy, peace and freedom. We will like to contend that to silence a TV station based on it not thinking alike or having an alternative viewpoint does not only injure the freedom of thought and press but it also goes against International laws and treaties.   
We the undersigned call the authorities of Turksat and AKP government to renege on an unlawful decision that injures freedom of thought and press and urgently lift the decision to put Hayat TV off air.
We also call upon all individuals, organisations and institutions that are sensitive on the issue of freedom on thought and press to act in solidarity with us and oppose Hayat TV being silenced.

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