Friday, July 04, 2008

Solidarity with the paperless workers on strike for their regularization

Since the 15 of April 2008, hundreds of « paperless » immigrant workers are on strike in Paris region after the CGT and associations’ calling, to obtain a title of stay in a good and proper way.

Since many years these workers are engaged in sectors like catering, building, cleaning… The great majority of them have salary leaves and pay to the different social security boxes and a big number of them pay taxes.

Because they have no papers, they are real « modern slaves » in the hands of the employers who in many cases have engaged them with complete knowledge of their situation.

After two months of strike, French government has been forced to begin the regularization’s process for 400 of them.

A vast movement of solidarity has developed around these strikes. The withdrawal of the government is a gap that must be enlarged.

We support this courageous fight for the regularization of all paperless workers.

We make the slogan that sounds in every mobilization our slogan:

« ils bossent ici,
ils vivent ici,
ils restent ici »

« Lavorano qui
Vivono qui
Restano qui ! »

« Trabajan aqui
Viven aquí !
Se quedan aquí ! »

“They work here
They live here
They stay here !”

“Burada, çalisiyorlar
Burada yasiyorlar
Burada kalacaklar”

Madrid, June 2008

Communist Party of Spain (Marxist-Leninist) – PCE (ML)Workers Communist Party of France – PCOF
Workers Communist Party of Denmark – APK
Revolutionary Communist Party of Turkey– TDKP
Communist Platform (Italy)
Marxist-Leninist Organization Revolution of Norway

Note: Movement for the Reorganisation of the KKE 1918-55 cosigns this declaration.

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