Monday, April 19, 2010

2010 International Youth Camp to be held in Turkey

Τhe traditional summer youth camp in our country will host the international youth camp that the world youth holds every year in a different country. The Youth Camp, which deals with different and important issues every year, will bring together those who say, “The world youth is fraternal” this year. The camp, in which thousands of young people from Latin America, Europe, Balkans, Caucasia and Turkey will participate, will be held on the coast of Pamucak of Selcuk in Izmir on 3-12 August.
The world youth, who is left without a future and sent to war in an era in which unemployment and philistinism are presented as if they  are the only possible destiny, will come together for work, education and peace, will knead their longings and ferment their hopes...This longing, coming from the youth of the entire world who will meet in the Aegean, will then spread from the Aegean waters to the world in its youngest form.
Thousands of young people from hundreds of universities, high schools and industrial estates from many of countries will join in the camp, which the youth from Turkey, Spain, Brazil and Tunisia has already taken charge of convocation. The convocation of the camp, for which young people from all over the country have already started to organise, is as follows:

We are the young people from the entire world.  We are the green branches of our world, which has aged excessively, as a grand Turkish poet Nazım Hikmet said. We have common dreams and hope. We will manage to get rid of the hopelessness which we are driven in and show them how rich our horizon, our dreams and our world are. We will light the fire of hope and spread it everywhere in a period in which the world youth drifts to suicide and depression.

We will prove that it is possible to create a world, in which there is no war, no exploitation and a world where we produce together and share. The culture of collective solidarity and the culture of loving and  having respect for others will come into being  with us, the youth...We will bring the labour together with this culture, the individual together with society, the politics together with our life, the new together with history and our dreams together with reality. The centre of the world is a place where we come together so that we will be able to share our longing, discuss our problems and revive our hopes. We have been in a different centre of the world each year and this year it will be in the Aegean.

The camp includes concerts, theatre activities, work shops and chats. Four basic open sessions will be held: “Wars, Peace and the Youth”, “Economic Crisis, Unemployment and the Youth”, “Right to Education” and “the Environmental Question”. Solutions for common problems of the world youth will be discussed in the open sessions with the attendance of specialists and young people. Furthermore, the camp will hold, some large and small forums about various issues and chats with art workers, intellectuals and authors. The branches, clubs and societies, which conduct the activities at universities, will have the opportunity to make their presentations and to exhibit their productions.

The Aegean is a region that has kept art and philosophy alive throughout  history in our geography, which has hosted various cultures. Excursions will be organised to some important places in the region. The world youth will meet with history and nature thanks to excursions to Efes Antique City, Sirince Village, The House of the Virgin Mary and Kusadasi.


(Including breakfast, lunch and dinner for 10 days):

For the participants from Turkey 200 TL (If registered before 15 June 2010) and 250 TL (If registered after 15 June 2010)
For the participants abroad: 100 Euros
(100 US Dollars for Latin America)

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