Friday, April 16, 2010

International Youth Camp in Turkey

“Where is the centre of the world?” they ask Nasreddin Hodja. “Wherever my donkey steps on. Measure it if you don’t believe me” answers the Hodja... What if we were to ask the same question to the youth? The world youth at the grip of poverty, unemployment and futurelessness? What if we were to direct this question to the millions of young people who are left without education, whose jobs have been taken away from them, who are oppressed under the crisis and dragged into wars?

We are young people from all around the world. In spite of those trying to alienate us and make us each other’s enemies; we are gathering in order to create another world. From different geographies we will flow into the rivers and oceans; bringing our colourful cultures with us...
“Coming from the four corners of the world
Different languages we speak yet we understand each other
We are the green branches of the earth tree
There’s a nation called the youth, we belong to it.”
We are the real owners of our world that is being forced to thoroughly age; the green branches as Nazım Hikmet states. Our dreams are common, as our hopes. With our songs of all languages we will express the kind of world we wish to live in.


We shall call out that we want neither to pay the price of an economic crisis caused by others nor to struggle with unemployment nor to be dragged to wars. We shall defend, for our future, our right to education that has been taken away from us. Tearing ourselves away from the claws of helplessness they are drawing us into; we will show how wide our horison is, how wide our dreams and our world. At a time when the world youth is being dragged to suicide and depression, we will light the fire of hope and spread it far and wide.

We are the future of the world; hence, claim it we shall. We will demonstrate that a world without wars and exploitation in which we produce together and share together is possible. The culture of collective solidarity, of loving another and of respect shall flourish with us young people... We will enable the meeting of labour with this culture, the meeting of the individual with the society, politics with our lives, the new with history and our dreams with reality.
The centre of the world is where we come together to share our longings, to discuss our problems and to flourish hope. Each year we were at a different centre of the world and this year we will meet in the Aegean. The youth coming from all around the corners of the world will also bring along their differences. Poetry, music, theatre, art, sculpture, cinema and sports will be redefined with the energy of the youth. We will think together, create together and share at the table of the sun and the sea...
On the contrary to an environment in which some produce while others consume; the 2010 Gathering of the World Youth will be the rehearsal of what is new in which a collective life will be exhibited and affinity, brotherhood/sisterhood and peace will flourish without any discrimination of language, religion or colour.
This is the time to pack our holiday bags to ferment the Aegean Sea with our dreams... The world youth is waiting for you; “be a sail, be a helm, become a fish, a boat, be water and go wherever you can...”

(Including breakfast, lunch and dinner for 10 days):

For the participants from Turkey 200 TL (If registered before 15 June 2010) and 250 TL (If registered after 15 June 2010)

For the participants abroad: 100 Euros
(100 US Dollars for Latin America)



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