Monday, April 19, 2010

For a Mayday of struggle and unity all over the world!

Workers of all over the world

After three years of profound economic crisis, unavoidable consequence of the capitalist mode of production, we are celebrating Mayday in a context of increasing unemployment, of increasing exploitation, of lowering of wages, of extension of misery and hunger;
The reactionary offensive of the Capital become more acute. In order to defend the interests of big firms and to make the workers pay for the crisis, massive firings, anti social reforms have developed; the collective bargaining is denounced by the big bosses, the repression against the workers is increasing in order to lower to the utmost the price of labour force and increase the power of the bosses.
Bourgeoisie is in the offensive in order to liquidate the economic and political rights, gained by the working class through years of struggle. After having supported banks and big firms with huge amounts of public money, they want to pay the debts of the states by reducing the pensions, by dismantling social services, by increasing the taxes paid by the people.
Therefore, the social conditions of the majority of the workers are aggravating, while the privileged strata of the society go on living in luxury and as parasite. When bourgeois newspapers speak of recovery, they speak in fact of a recovery for the shareholders who distribute big benefits.
While the contradictions and the economic imbalance proper to capitalist economy are deepening, we can see the growing contradictions between monopolies and imperialist states in order to control the markets and their sphere of influence, to take the control of raw materials and to take advantage over their concurrent.
We witness the growing aggressiveness of the decaying super power, the USA, the intensification of the war of plunder in Afghanistan and Pakistan, growing menaces against Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela, coups in Honduras and in Africa, support to the criminal Zionist policy of Israel, military occupation of Haiti, preparation of aggression against Iran, installation of military bases in Columbia, menaces against progressive and revolutionary forces in all continents.
At the same time; contradictions are increasing with the other imperialist powers, especially with China and Russia and the tendencies inherent to imperialism that will lead to new wars are also increasing. Behind the smiles and the mask of pacifism we are witnessing a new militarist offensive, like the installation of anti-missiles that the US want to impose in Europe, whose costs will, as usual, be paid by the workers and the people.
All the attempts of bourgeoisie to overcome artificially the economic crisis, to cover the social, environmental and moral pleas of capitalist mode of production are vain. In this context, the struggle between capital and labor will intensify. Submitted to a fierce attack, the proletariat does not want to step back and will not remain inactive. His class interests will force him to struggle in a organized way against the dominant class.
In Europe, Asia, in America, the struggle of working class is increasing: the working class is refusing to pay for the crisis of capital and begins to gain self confidence again. It is important to stress the development of the struggle of young workers, who suffer from precarious conditions, who are over exploited; the immigrant workers without any rights, unemployed people without any kind of compensation, millions of exploited that have hardly enough for covering their needs. Poor peasants and other strata of people hit by the policy of big monopolies are mobilizing with them.
People and oppressed countries participate with their legitimate demands to the struggle against the domination of financial capital and are uniting with the revolutionary movement against their common enemy, imperialism.
In front of the reinforcement of the workers’ and people’s movement, bourgeoisie seeks an issue in the reactionary policy and the most brutal repression. Capitalists and their governments try to weaken and attack the mass organizations in which workers are uniting and struggling. They develop broadly the poison of racism and xenophobia in order to increase the concurrence among workers. Thezy mobilize on a reactionary base their petit bourgeois allies, they use fascist terror as a weapon against the workers’ and trade union movement and harass the leaders of the struggles of the workers and of the people. In thei reactionary context, we must add the attempts to illegalize communist forces and of the symbols of liberation of the workers’
This situation impose to the workers of all the countries to organize a vat unique front of struggle against the offensive of the capital, political reaction and danger of war, in order to accelerate the inevitable end of capitalist system of exploitation.
It is necessary to develop in each country a policy of unity against capital, in order to oppose the lay offs, to combat flexibility and precarious working conditions, in order to impeach the liquidation of social rights and acquisitions, for the respect and development of collective bargaining, to say “no, we shall not pay the foreign debt and no to privatizations”, to struggle for the reduction of working hours, with two days of rest per week, without diminishing of salary, for a minimum wage and social support for basic needs for the unemployed, against military budgets, for public services in health, free education for the people, for legal papers for the undocumented people, for the retreat of foreign troops in occupied countries.
Through his unity and his participation in struggle, the working class is able to smash the capitalist block, to push away the attacks of bourgeoisie and to make capitalists, rich people pay for the consequences of the crisis, pawing the way to revolutionary transformation of society.
The main obstacle to the construction of the united front is the policy of class collaboration of the social democrat and reformist parties. The policy of betrayal of the interests of the exploited, developed by the social democrat and reformist leaders, the trade union leaders who are collaborating, appears more and more openly. This policy, through “social dialogue” disarms and divides the workers and pushes them to capitulate.
But these forces who are installed for years in the bourgeois institutions have lost their credibility among the workers who criticise more and more firmly their lack of coherence and their weakness, their role as liquidators of the struggles and their support to the reactionary forces.
In the struggle against imperialism and bourgeoisie, it is not possible to make steps forward without defeating opportunism, without breaking passivity and the policy of division waged by social democracy, opportunist and other chauvinist forces.
In the development of the struggle between social classes, always broader sectors of workers and exploited people grasp the reality of imperialism and abandon their reformist illusions and convince themselves of the necessity of the social revolution of the proletariat in order to build a new and more advanced system.
The capitalism of monopoles, imperialism is a parasitizing system condemned to death whose only objective is maximum benefit for a minority of exploiters and therefore, it is impossible to reform it. Bourgeoisie has shown her incapacity to be the ruling class of society and it is more and more evident that bourgeoisie is not compatible with society and nature.
The only way to put an end to the devastating consequences of economical crisis, to unjust wars, to destruction of environment, to the extension of corruption, to the endemic troubles of capitalism, is to develop revolutionary action for the conquest of political power by the working class and its allies, in order to abolish the bourgeois relationships of property and to build socialism.
We call the best elements of the proletariat, the young revolutionaries to participate in eah country to the construction of true parties of the working class, to reinforce those which exist yet, because the communist party basing himself on Marxism Leninism is the warranty for conducing the struggles of the workers’ movement and popular movement to the victory.
Let us make a mayday of class struggle, expressing itself through demonstrations, mass strikes with a higher revolutionary spirit.

Let us reinforce the struggle in unity against capitalism, let us create and consolidate workers organizations, first of all the communist parties and organizations!
Let us make the monopolies, the rich and the bourgeois pay for the crisis, for which they are responsible.
Let us prove that million of workers consider revolution and socialism as their cause.
Let us develop international solidarity among workers and people.

1st of May 2010

International Conference of Marxist Leninist Parties and Organizations

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