Saturday, June 11, 2011

Anasintaxi, issue 346 (15-31/5/2011)

- With the gun called “5th loan installment” pointing at the head, total sellout and looting of the country’s wealth
- The spontaneous mass rallies in Spain-Portugal-Greece: a pleasant surprise in the struggle of the European proletariat that can become a nightmare of the EU capitalists if they grow
- Social-democrat Papariga: Prima Ballerina of the Greek capital and the EU monopolies
- 2011 student elections: The necessity for the reorganization of the student movement
- Nikos Zachariadis’ daughter Olga Durishova Zachariadis speaks about her father
- End the capture of the political prisoner Aris Sirinidis right now!
- CP Spain (Marxist-Leninist): Let’s move forward the revolt for democratization and Democracy! (excerpts)
- ICMLPO: Long live the combative youth!

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