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With the four referendum held on June 12th and 13th, Italian people stopped the plan to build nuclear power plants, decided by Berlusconi government, prevented the privatization of water and the guarantee of profits for water service, and also deleted the Law of "legal impediment" that saved the President of the Council of Ministers and Ministers from criminal trials.
Despite the boycott of the government - Berlusconi and Bossi called for abstention - and the disinformation orchestrated by the mass-media, the "quorum" has been largely achieved.
Approximately 57% of voters went to vote. A remarkable achievement, considering the obstacles since the collection of signatures.
Fundamental for the success was the high participation of central and northern industrial cities, confirming the role of the working class. However, the quorum was reached in all regions, indicating that social protest is growing everywhere.
The four referendum passed with percentages around 95%. It 'a victory that has a clear political meaning: a rejection of the monopolies diktat and of their political representatives, a rejection of the reactionary and neoliberal policy dominating for decades, a rejection of the privileges and impunity for a gang of criminals at the top of society. From the popular vote emerged the mistrust and aversion toward the capitalist market, to the logic of profit. The result opens the path for other battles: the defense and the development of social services, against nuclear weapons, against the privileges of the oligarchy, etc. And help the struggle of other peoples of Europe and the world.
The vote shows that the period of reflux and apathy is behind us, that the long wave of struggles at national and international level produces its beneficial effects. At the same time, is self-evident that the bourgeoisie leadership is more detached, distant and hostile to the needs and expectations of the people.
The excellent results of the referendum sounds for Berlusconi as a death bell. The air is changed, the majority of Italians want him no more, but the government survives, thanks to anti-democratic
electoral laws and parliamentary transformism of twenty deputies.
The referendum exacerbated the weakness of the government, which came out completely delegitimized by the vote. It exacerbates the contradictions in the parliamentary majority and of the entire bourgeois. Therefore, not only in the special relationship Berlusconi-Bossi, but also among the left bourgeois parties that, after having done anything for months, now present themselves as the winners. But we don’t forget that these “gentlemen” were the champions of privatization when they
were to central or local government.
The referendum victory in the result of an massive work carried out by thousands of associations, committees, union representatives, political and social organizations. It was a campaign characterized by an activism from below, capillary: workers, youth, women of the people, using several communication means in the workplace, in neighborhoods, in the blocks. In this way we knocked down the wall of silence and misinformation. Victory arrived because we were united and
worked hard on some targets. And when there is unity and struggle, there is no force that can prevent the triumph of popular will.
The victory in the referendum can be defended and enhanced by uniting all the forces available in a broad popular front against the capitalist attack, the political reaction, the denial of rights, the
threats of war, the devastation of the environment. A united front of struggle that is based on the unit of action of all workers and popular organizations, youth associations, etc., based on an anticapitalist program, to realize a definitive break with the neoliberal and social-liberal policies, to transform society radically.
Nowadays is crucial that the Berlusconi’s government, that has no more popular legitimacy, fall in the streets and in the factories. We must intensify the struggle, without any illusions about its resignation, but building a powerful mass movement that will sweep it away.
During the referendum campaign, communists have tied the struggle for a new society with immediate objectives. The action to take away layers of proletarian from the ideological and political influence of the bourgeoisie and the petty bourgeoisie, was relevant.
In the situation we are living, the popular masses feel the consequences of capitalism crisis on a range of issues vital to human existence (this is of great importance), but they still do not
understand the need to target the cause of those effects, the capitalist system of production.
It's up to the communists to raise mass consciousness, especially of the youth, to help them along the road that will lead to the revolutionary situation, to conquest of a new society based on common ownership of water, land, means of production and exchange. A planned society based on the satisfaction of material and cultural needs of the working masses, in harmony with the laws of nature, in which there will be no more privileges and immunities for anyone.
Therefore, we must organize better, we must rebuild the Communist party, based on Marxism-Leninism, to direct the struggle of the exploited and oppressed masses.

15.6.2011 Communist Platform of Italy

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