Monday, June 13, 2011

Referendum: Italian people have rejected nuclear power plants, water privatization and impunity for bourgeois politicians.

With the referendum of 12 and 13 June, the Italian people have definitely stopped the plan to build nuclear power plants wanted by Berlusconi government, have prevented the privatization of water transport and cancelled the Act of "lawful impediment" designed to save the prime minister and other ministers in criminal trials.

Despite the boycott of the government - Berlusconi called for abstention - and the lack of attention of mass media, the "quorum" has been largely achieved: more than 57% voted.
There was an high participation in the industrial cities of north-center, confirming the role of the working class.

The voting results are extraordinary: all referendum passed with a percentage of 94-95%.

It's a clear victory that has a political meaning:  a mass rejection of the diktat of the capitalist monopolies and their political representatives, a rejection of neoliberalism that dominated for decades, of the privileges and impunity of a gang of criminals.
The referendum shows that worker and people movement is awakening, that no more want our future, our health, be in the hands of the oligarchy.

The result reverses a trend that lasted for decades and opens the path for other important battles.

It's the third blow suffered in a month for Mr. Berlusconi, after administrative elections. The wind has changed, but the government survives thanks to twenty corrupt deputies. 
Now is likely to widen the cracks in the parliamentary majority, and in the same parties that compose it; at the same time the result determines more favorable conditions to develop the resistance of the workers, to give the decisive blow to the reactionary government in the streets and in the factories, with the mobilization and mass struggle.

Communist Platform of Italy

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