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Full-alignment of Papariga-Tsipras-Kouvelis with the strategic choice of the big capital for Greece staying in the EU– even pro-Euro statements

Translation of Anasintaxi, issue 377 (1-31/10/2012 B)

It is known that the social-democrat Alexis Tsipras, leader of SYRIZA, is openly in favor of Greece STAYing in the European Union, a position that is in complete alignment with the current strategic choice of the imperialists and the local capital.

Tsipras does not miss the chance to repeat this position whenever it deems appropriate and necessary "is not an objective or goal of SYRIZA the country leaves euro," he said in an interview in ANT1 (10/15/2012). Rushed even warned that "the consequences of this major tectonic vibrations from the breakup of the euro would be unprecedented and extremely important for the entire global economy, not only for Greece," a statement which makes it clear that the aim of SYRIZA is the stability of the global capitalist economy and its alignment with the interests of the imperialists.

A statement which is essentially a continuation of earlier statements. In an interview with CNBC Network and the Associated Press where he said: "An exit of Greece from the euro zone would  be disastrous " ("Ethnos", 5/11/2012). The new element is Tsipras’ attempt to convince Greek people that the struggle to exit eurozone is either futile or would have catastrophic consequences for Greek workers and the unemployed.

"Unfortunately" for Tsipras, his statements were preceded by corresponding statements of his "Triplets" of Social Democrats Papariga ("K" KE)-Kouvelis (DHMAR), which all come from the same ideological and political power, that of Khrushchev's revisionism: Aleka Papariga:"A solution outside the Euro and return to the drachma in the present circumstances would be catastrophic" ("Rizospastis", 31/5/2011, p.6., can also be found here). and Fotis Kouvelis: "exit from the euro would mean greater destruction" ("Real News", 4/12/2011).

The statements by Papariga-Tsipras-Kouvelis aim to blunt the class struggle against the destructive effects of the country’s stay in EU-EUROZONE and serve both the interests of the imperialist EU and the local big capital and reflect their current strategic choice.


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