Sunday, November 18, 2012

Long Live the heroic Polytechnic uprising of November 1973 - We continue the anti-fascist anti-imperialist struggle

Long Live the 39nd anniversary of the Athens Polytechnic uprising of November 1973 against the military Junta (1967-1974).

Refusal to pay the entire DEBT – Greece, here and now, OUT of: Euro-EMU-EU

The occupation of the Polytechnic in November 1973 by the students is an important part of the history of fascist-anti-imperialist struggle of the youth, the working class and people. A squat held despite opposition and hostility of all bourgeois parties together and the social democratic leaders of "K" KE(es.) and "K" KE which in order to prevent the occupation accussed through "K" Ne-AntiEFEE the students of Law and Physic-mathematic department as "agents" of CIA («PANSPOUDASTIKI" No. 8) and then fought desperately for the "disengagement of students from the University" ("KOMEP", 11/1976, page 98).

The occupation has sparked the popular uprising and eventually led to the overthrow of the military-fascist dictatorship of the local capital and the US-NATO imperialism.

39 years later the people is to conduct another tough fight. This time against the triple economic and political control by the international Troika (EU-IMF-ECB) which deepens dependence, against the absolute misery brought by local capitalism and exacerbated by the global capitalist crisis of overproduction, the bankruptcy of the Greek economy which took place in the "fateful 6 years 2004-2009 " ("Kathimerini", 25/3/2012, p.2) ) and "memorandum" measures demolishing the gains and rights of the working class, the people, the youth and destroying the future of the country, with the plunder of wealth from foreign monopolies with new measures recently passed by the government of ND-PASOK-DHMAR. According to recent surveys, the average annual salary in Greece amounted in 2011 to 10,110 euros, against 13,098 in 2010 and this year is expected to fall even lower. The official youth unemployment has reached 58%, while the number of unemployment people is expected to reach 2 million. The retirement age jumped to 67 years.

The popular struggle against the imperialists dependence - a dependence which its existence deny not only the bourgeois parties but also the "K" KE. - and the suffering it causes not stop time, in any season, against difficulties within any circumstances. In this historic battle was always Leading the[…]

Today we fight:

  • For the combative defense of the interests of the people and regain the conquest demolished years, which have resulted in the utter misery of the working class and the broad masses
  • Against the criminalization of popular struggles, the violation of Asylum, racism, nationalism-chauvinism and fascistication promoted by ultranationalists-racists-Samaras-Dendias in collaboration with the nazi-fascists "Golden Dawn", especially the fascist murderous pogroms against immigrants
  • For immediate exit of the country from the EU-EMU-EURO and the total refusal of foreign usurious debt payments - for unilateral refusal
  • Against Fascism, capitalism, imperialism and war and for the withdrawal of Greece from the EU and NATO

November 2012

Movement for the Reorganization of the Communist Party (1918-1955)

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