Tuesday, November 06, 2012

PCEML: They put price to the vote

Called the electoral process for the 2013 elections, the bargain deals is present as has happened in the past. The demagoguery takes shape in both messages and offerings electoral right-wing candidates, manipulating poverty and popular hope, playing with people's basic needs that need urgent attention.

There is not any difference on the right political organizations are traditional or rubberized on the XXI century. To sample what happens these days about the so-called Development Bond.

In recent months, various sectors, mainly in rural areas-sued its increase to $ 50, but the government remained deaf. But close to the electoral process, and having taken Guillermo Lasso that proposal, Correa also endorses, and to show "radical" and an enemy of the corrupt bankers proposed fund with profits obtained by them. Now he does say that in the last five years the financial sector has earned 1.64 billion dollars.

When from various sectors did denounce to the bank as beneficiary of government management, the Carondelet was total silence, and could not be otherwise, if from this sector Correa took a few thousand dollars to fund his campaign, claims that the the government has not denied.

Correa wants to buy the vote of nearly two million ecuadorians with a bonus of fifty dollars; Gutierrez has put a higher price and offers sixty-five. Demagoguery does not have limit. And so we will see new jobs, more cheatings.

A bonus, as we refer, it is necessary to alleviate urgent problems of the poor, but does not end poverty. Our people need to implement structural measures that guarantee steady work, fair prices for their products, wages, etc. Poverty does not want to be used by demagogues as a mechanism to maintain power.

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