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International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations – ICMLPO

En Marcha #1466
December 4-10, 2009
Central Organ of the Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of Ecuador

International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations – ICMLPO

Within a framework of fraternity and revolutionary camaraderie the International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations has met in Europe. This meeting, held in the beginning of November, discussed the development of the economic crisis of the capitalist system and the international situation and concluded by defining some tasks that the Marxist-Leninists commit ourselves to work towards in our respective countries.

The economic crisis of the capitalist-imperialist system is of a general character, it is the result of the nature of this current system and historically it cannot be resolved if we do not put an end to the system that has engendered it and if in its place we do not build the society of the workers: socialism.

Despite what the bourgeois analysts and economists claim, that the crisis has touched bottom and that we are seeing a process of economic recovery, the respective indicators show that it is continuing, it is continuing with greater intensity in the more developed capitalist economies, but also in the dependent countries. In the one and the other, the workers and peoples are its main victims.

The proposals that the bourgeoisie is applying in each of the countries to overcome the crisis have as common elements to place its effects on the backs of the workers and peoples; to carry out plans that combine neo-liberal measures with protectionist and interventionist ones that have led some to believe in the return of Keynesianism. They all seek to defend large capital and its owners, the large financial and industrial groups.

Tens of thousands of workers are today enlarging the ranks of the unemployed, many peasants have had to abandon their lands in search of bread, at best finding themselves in underemployment and migration, poverty and despair. The workers are not the ones who caused the crisis and must not pay for its consequences. Let the ones who are responsible, the imperialist powers, the owners of the banks and industries, the owners of capital, pay for it!

Hunger is on display in various parts of the world while the imperialist powers are destroying the economies of the dependent countries, pillaging their natural resources, speculating in the prices of food and raw materials and causing backwardness and stagnation.

Today young people face more acute problems than in the past; the difficulties in finding a job as well as continuing their studies are greater. Everywhere the number of those without shelter, of men and women who have the streets and squares of the cities as their homes, is increasing.

In the imperialist countries, the Governments are promoting actions and laws to increase xenophobia and criminalize immigrants, such as in the Decree of Shame adopted by the European Parliament. We demand the right of immigrants to work where they now live and together with the proletariat of these countries we shout: They work here, they live here, they will stay here!

The fascistization and the establishment of police states are among the measures taken by finance capital to confront the crisis, to ensure their economic and political rule, and to confront the discontent of the workers and peoples.

In the context of the crisis the imperialist powers are looking to settle accounts, thus exacerbating the inter-imperialist confrontation and increasing the danger of war. In fact, the presence of their military troops in various regions of the world shows their goal of conquering new markets, of provoking a new redistribution of the world. We the peoples will not pay for or take part in these wars!

The unbridled pursuit of enrichment of the international bourgeoisie, the aim of the monopolies to rule the market and the world, have led to the destruction of the environment and now they are playing with finding measures of environmental protection. The solutions of the "eco-neoliberals" to confront this problem are a farce; we support the popular mobilizations that denounce those really responsible for the environmental crisis and raise alternative proposals that challenge capitalism as the one directly responsible for this evil.

The discontent of workers and the peoples confronted with the effects of the crisis is increasing and is taking the form of mass mobilization. Their banners are waving with greater force every day in all continents and we Marxist-Leninists are taking part in those battles, inviting the workers to struggle to put an end to the world of capital.

Together with them we are fighting to put an end to mass redundancies and to the flexibilization of labour, which results in part-time work; to reduce the working day and be given two rest days each week without reducing wages; to establish a decent minimum wage for all sectors or to be guaranteed income to cover the basic needs of the unemployed; to respect and promote collective bargaining and to ensure the implementation of their rights, particularly the right to work; that public services reach the poor and not be privatised, that provide free health care and education, that the undocumented workers can work where they live.

We raise these demands to confront the effects of the crisis of the system, but it is necessary to insist that only the social revolution of the proletariat will put an end to this endemic evil of capitalism. Those who argue that it is possible to deal with the crisis and protect the rights of workers by better regulating labour relations or democratizing international relations are lying! They are trying to protect the interests of business, industrial and financial groups.

Capitalism is experiencing a great crisis, this is true. The most serious and most acute known to mankind in these last eighty years; however, capitalism will not fall by itself, it still has chances to recover. But the strength of the workers and peoples is greater if we join forces to overthrow it.

We Marxist-Leninists are committed to bring about the victory of the social revolution of the proletariat; to successfully complete this task we are working to unite all those social and political sectors interested in fighting against political and social domination and oppression, in winning freedom and independence. History will be our witness that we can do it.

November 2009

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