Saturday, December 12, 2009

Turkish State chose war, instead of peace

Constitutional court has banned the Democratic Society Party (DTP) and once more showed that, Turkey has an anti-democratic law system and political management mentality.
This decision about DTP, as having links to “terror and violence”, gave rise to terror and violence in Turkey. Turkish State chose war, instead of peace with Kurdish people.
Levent TüzelThe dominant power, which backs this decision, is the alliance of AKP government with nationalist CHP-MHP opposition. This reactionary alliance could not be patient of the existence of DTP as the representative of democracy forces in the Parliament.
With this decision, Turkey had been thrown into chaos amongst “democracy, initiative and solution” words.
The labourers of Turkey will carry on the democracy, equality and will of living together to the future, with their own power and they will protect the peace and fraternity.  
Levent Tuzel

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