Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Long Live comrade Stalin! (poem)

Long Live comrade Stalin!
By  Kuo Mo Jo
(Chairman of All Chine Association of writers and Artists)
Great Stalin, beloved
steel, eternal sun!
Because humanity has
Marxism Leninism can
exert its might today;
Because humanity has
The proletarians can
display its strength today;
Because humanity has
The work of
liberation can extend its glory today,
It is you who lead us
to the open sea of world Communism;
It is you who
instruct the west to not forget the East;
It is you who unite
us into a force unparalleled in history.
The peace fortress of
Soviet Union stands firm,
The unity and
progress of the New Democracies of Europe and Asia advance;
And the brilliance of
the People’s Republic of China shines forth.
The history of
mankind has started new chapter;
The order of native
to will follow the path of revolution;
The name of Stalin
will forever be the sun of humanity.
Long Live great
Long Live beloved
Reference: People’s China Vol 1, No 1,  Jan 1 1950; Pg 4

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