Sunday, December 20, 2009

The town saharaui sold and betrayed

Go by the front our joy why the heroic Haminetu Haidar had saved life. The enormous courage that the village dignad defends saharaui with and her his own, it is worthy of respect and admiration we fought of against the reaction and that we backed up with doings, no with addle empty speech, the fight of the town saharaui once the FPOLISARIO was directed by their representative, opposing view the base satrap alauita, that medieval gentleman of whose friendship does elegance the tax Borbon.

Haminetu's fight has revealed, one more time, that he cannot keep in the oversight the Sáhara and its longing of independence and freedom, fight that for forty years almost he demonstrates the unbending will of that town of not submitting to the dictations of a brutal government that is dirtied in human rights, that he addresses the resolutions as the UN like worthless paper ( just like the other Democrats of the Israeli governments ) and that he blackmails the so-called democracies, in the first place to the governing Spanish pusillanimous persons already be right-wing likeOf left wings.

And you have also laid eggs of manifesto, the grotesque attitude of Government of Zapatero and of his paladin Moratinos: They became accessory when allowing that Haminetu was embarked under protest for Spain, and they have given up lacayuna to the requirement of acknowledging to them « rights « Moroccan on the Sáhara. Mr. Moratinos's clumsy declaration, « The Moroccan law is applicable in the Sáhara Occidental.» It is not needed to study to be an at academies diplomats to know what that means: Surrendering in front of the Moroccan province of a satrap, and the I order and command of the EE.UU that their interests at the zone have forced on the fair revindication of the town saharaui. Let's not forget than Government of Washington, included the one of Mr. Obama that rapidly has unmasked what you are like, a faithful servant of the North American system himself ( than next to the illiterate person and brutal Bush, it seems something else, and you are it not ), has like fundamental interest to maintain the line Turkey Israel Morocco.

The Parliament of Madrid approved some days recognizing the right to her car ago the Sáhara's determination. We already see what the decisions of the PSOE are worth: Swim, they complain about everything, they are able to sell everything, they humble themselves and become accessory of what their North American mentors and other ones decide. That attitude is not new, the historic examples that prove that that game has been almost always are many and except very worthy exceptions ( Negrín, Álvarez of the Vayo ), who makes the bed to the reaction. Let's not soar very back, let's remember that Felipe Gonzáles pronounced in his visit to the Sáhara, without knowing that those words were hearings by our comrades that the volunteers worked there, than « the village fight would back up saharaui to victory and the independence, etc.etc.».

The fight continues, the one of Haminetu, it has been a victory, more no the definite. The town saharaui needs to keep on counting on the support of the democratic and revolutionary forces. It will also be necessary to pay attention to the maneuvers and provocations that they can organize the Moroccan reaction to silence forever that further fighter of gracile aspect and will of hierro.Nada to get to their house of the Aaiún, Haminetu's family is subdued to special vigilance and his house surrounded by the police. The same Haminetu, sharp note about in vilo for relatives, it had to get out of their house in order that his doctor could enter, since I govern the police of the humanitarian you impeded his access. Actually, the Moroccan law is applicable in the Sáhara Occidental..

The Moroccan town, that is conversant with what is the dictatorship, the repression, the lack of freedoms, should back up the fight of his brothers saharaui, as you make it courageously and dignity organization Democratic Road.

Live the village fight the town saharaui!

Out of the Sahara the Moroccan troops!

Internationalist solidarity with the FPOLISARIO and their fair fight!

Madrid, December 19, 2009 Communist Spanish Party ( m l )

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