Thursday, January 20, 2011

The 9 points of the Workers Communist Party of Tunisia

1. The success achieved so far is only half of the way and the other half is achieving the wanted democratic change and implementing this on the ground.
2. The democratic change cannot spring from the same party, figures, institutions, apparatus and the legislature that maintained the dictatorship and deprived the people of basic rights for more than half a century, 23 years of which was under Ben Ali.
3. The interim president is one of Ben Ali's clique and a president of an appointed body which does not represent the people in any aspect whatsover, and plan to hold presidential elections in a 60-day time has no purpose but to maintain the continuation of the dictatorial regime through one of its former leaders.
4. The most dangerous thing that could happen now is to rob the Tunisian people of their victory and their legitimate desire for freedom and a dignified existence and their sacrifice; through preserving Ben Ali's regime without Ben Ali and through forming a
democratic decor around it.
5. The democratic change, with its political, economical, social and cultural dimensions, requires the real end of the repressive regime by taking direct steps which consists of forming a provisional government or any other body that has excecutive powers and undertakes the task of organizing free election for a
Constitutional Assembly which would establish the bases of a real democratic republic in which people would enjoy freedom, social equality and national dignity.
6. All the forces, whether they are political organisations, unions, human rights groups, cultural organisation, organised or non-organised, and the people, and have played an effective and decisive role in toppling the dictator, have the task to decide
on Tunisia's future, and no one could replace them in their negotiations or contacts with the authority.
7. It is extremely urgent that the democratic forces form a national and unified body to carry out the democratic change and has the tasks to protect the gains of the revolting Tunisian people and to negotiate with the authorities to yield power to the
people in a peaceful way.
8. All the democratic forces all over the coutry have to unite in organisations, committees, or local, regional and sectorial councils in organising the popular movement and to undermine the manoeuvre of reaction and the acts of looting and
vandalism perpetrated by hidden groups aiming at spreading fear among the citizens, threatening their safety and creating fear of democratic change to compel them to surrender to the repressive apparatuses.
9. The armed forces, which consists in the main of the sons and daughters of the people, are required to provide safety for the people and the motherland and respect people's aspirations towards freedom, social jutice and national dignity, which means
lifting the state of emergency as soon as possible so that it doesn't become an excuse that prevents the Tunisian people from continuing their struggle and achieving their goals.

- For a provisional government
- For a constitutional assembly
- For a democratic republic

Workers Communist Party of Tunisia
15 January 2011

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