Friday, January 14, 2011

Solidarity with the Tunisian people and the Communist Workers' Party of Tunisia (PCOT) / Immediate release of our comrades

Athens, January 12, 2011

We stand by the side of the Tunisian and Algerian peoples who are once more struggling with their children’s blood against dependence and neocolonial exploitation imposed by the imperialists.

In Tunisia, since 17th December Ben Ali’s “lifelong” regime-puppet of French imperialists has already murdered in cold blood by positioning soldiers on house roofs more than 50 protesters and wounded over a thousand, according to the International Federation of Human Rights Leagues (IFHRL). The people and first and foremost the youth cannot stand living in hunger, misery, unemployment, and corruption of the colonizers’ obedient servants, and violent suppression does not scare them. They are taking to the streets more and more massively (workers, pupils, university students, intellectuals) and demand militantly into the streets another life, from the country’s South to Tunis.

In spite of the provocations of the fascist regime, the protesters are not incited by “islamist terrorists.” Contrary, the Left is the one that is heading this all-people’s uprising, and our Movement salutes the leading and heroic struggle of the fraternal Communist Workers’ Party of Tunisia (PCOF), which is in the struggle’s frontline. The fascist regime arrested on 29th December and 12th January, the party’s spokesman Ammar Amroussia and general secretary Hamma Hammami, respectively.

The struggle in Tunisia has led into the street the youth of Algeria as well, which apart from their solidarity, are expressing their own demand for a decent life, without hunger and unemployment, in a country rich in natural resources, where its people is drowning in poverty.

We urge the Greek people who are also suffering from imperialist dependence, the country’s financial bankruptcy, and absolute impoverishment caused by the final demolition of its conquests, to express an internationalist solidarity to the people of Tunisia, as has already been done by the French, Italian, German, Swiss, Canadian anti-imperialists and anti-fascists.
-We demand a stop to the slaughter of the hungry, the slaughter of youth!
-We denounce Ben Ali, the fascist servant of Sarkozy and murderer of his own people!
-We stand by the side of our comrades of the Communist Workers’ Party of Tunisia (PCOT), who are struggling with all the people for the downfall of the regime, for a progressive, democratic, anti-imperialist country, which will satisfy the aspirations of workers, youth and the people!
Immediate release of comrades Ammar Amroussia (spokesman) and Hamma Hammami (general secretary) of PCOT.

The Political Committee of the Movement for the Reorganization of the Communist Party 1918-55


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