Monday, January 31, 2011

Four years of “citizens' revolution.”

These days Rafael Correa fulfilled four years of presidential year, long enough to show how far the country has complied with the offer to rebuild the Ecuador. In the absence of constitutional reform that allowed him to opt for re-election, Correa would have reached the end of his term.

Structurally, the country has not suffered any change, the policy implemented by the correismo not only has not affected the substance of the existing capitalist system, but its political institutions and its economic program is geared to sustaining and strengthening the existing system. For four years, Ecuador has a government left out of what has been termed as the 'partidocracia “, but the power remains in the hands of the bourgeoisie. Just see how in recent years have increased the profits reported by the bankers and industrialists and how they have expanded poverty rates for the beneficiaries of the "citizens' revolution. " With this government, the bourgeoisie has been unable to solve an issue that strongly complained: the so-called lawlessness. Political stability provided by the current regime has just served to enrich the powerful economic groups and has been held on three pillars: the existence of financial resources due to high oil prices in the international market and increased revenue tributaries running a populist-care policy that brings support from beneficiaries, and an unprecedented media management in the life of the country that combines the drama of the President with a demagogic speech pseudoleftism. Added to this policy of repression launched against the social sectors that express criticism of his presidential term due to the government treason change to the draft presented to the Ecuadorian people four years ago. As a major political change flag, Correa shows the adoption of the Constitution made in Montecristi, however, this legal instrument is bombed and violated over and over again by the President. Now it is preparing to hold a referendum in some of their points to amending the Constitution - which is considered illegal- because he consider its the "guarantor" and the result of "infantilism of Montecristi. In four years of "citizens' revolution " have changed the nature of the speeches that come from Carondelet, but the laws there are preparing and passed in the National Assembly continue to serve the interests of the ruling classes and foreign capital.


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