Monday, March 21, 2011

From failure to failure

Advertising management, we have said on other occasions, is one of the strengths of government action. Millions of dollars are spent on TV and radio spots, advertising in newspapers, on billboards, posters, etc. to shape the opinions of Ecuadorians in terms of what the government want people to think. Among political purposes that this offensive is looking to show the alleged efficiency and manageability of "citizens' revolution ", but the facts show a different reality to which the Alvarado brother´s companies shown us in television.

This government has failed, and loudly in several areas. The most notorious is the economic field. Last year the country's economic growth was just 3.3%, well below the government's aim to reach 6.8%, and most serious was that occurred in 2009, in which the growth was only 0, 34%. Regarding the trade balance results are negative, while in 2007 it had a surplus of 1.414 billion, in November 2010 showed a deficit of 1,460 million dollars. That is government efficiency!

And of course, these elements are expressed in the social sphere. The lack of employment, growing unemployment, low wages are problems that affect to millions of Ecuadorians. According to specialized research the pace of poverty reduction in the period 2007 - 2010 is lower than in previous years and that is due government policy does not affect the structural elements of the capitalist system. This explains, in turn, that migration is maintained, and talking about this serious problem, we can see that the advertised "Plan Return" for migrants also failed.

On issues such as insecurity and crime control, the government loses the year, to the point that to justify their inefficiency Correa, a few months ago, candidly acknowledged that he does not know about these aspects. Also the facts show that unknown how to handle the economy.

The previous week about his ruined meeting with mayors, referring to environmental issues verbatim Correa said that "in this four years of the government this is one of the things we've failed. " The same is true in health (the untimely death of newborns at a hospital in Guayaquil is a clear example) or for corruption jumping everywhere.

Anyway ... this is a government that is going from failure to failure, of which the people are the most affected


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