Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Victory to the struggle of migrant workers hunger strikers!

On Sunday, January 23 250 immigrants living and working for years in the country, arrived in Athens at the Law School, and another 50 in Thessaloniki Labor Center, to begin a hunger strike demanding unconditional legalization and equal political and social rights with the Greek citizens. After the fascist terroristic operation of the mechanisms of state repression, violating the asylum of the Law School, the hunger strikers in Athens continue their just struggle in the building of Hypatia.

The hunger strikers are workers who live and work in Greece, deprived of any political, social or labor rights, and in general terms in much worse conditions than those currently imposed by the troika of the imperialists of EU and IMF leading the broad masses of the people to absolute immiseration.

We denounce the racist and fascist attitude of the Government and the whole bunch of reactionary and bourgeois-revisionist/reformist political forces supporting the government, which aims to perpetuate the brutal exploitation, oppression and extermination of immigrants – our class brothers and sisters – with the increasing refusal to legalize them immediately by giving them permission to reside and work.

The choice of the Greek state to suppress the just struggle of migrant workers' hunger strike - a fight for the entire working class and people, of which migrant workers are an integral part - is another nail in the coffin of even formal bourgeois democracy, after the repeated persecutions of immigrants by the repressive state mechanisms in cooperation with Nazi-fascist gangs, such as in St. Panteleimon district and Attica Square in Athens, the new anti-immigration measures, culminating in the fence of shame in Evros, the intensification of state repression and terrorism, with the increasing presence of the police in the streets, the curb of democratic freedoms. Today, the attack of the state against immigrant hunger strikers has become murderous after leading them to physical extermination with the government's refusal to meet the fair demands. The hunger strike counts 44 days already and over 100 immigrants have been transferred to hospitals with heavy and even irreversible, damage to their health.
This upsurge of fascistisization of social life and the reactionary turn of the state stands alone against the immigrants, who experience the greatest exploitation and oppression by the capitalists, but is also targeted against the entire working people, the anger of which is boiling within the conditions of crisis, collapse of the economy, immiseration and intensification of imperialist dependence and will inevitably explode with severe class conflicts.

The pursuit of government and all the reactionary parties that support the class policy, which deepens the absolute immiseration of the working class, is to turn the emotional appeal of those battered by the crisis against those who they insist naming "illegal immigrants".

The only answer to fascistisization and the systematic extermination of immigrants and overall of the laboring masses can only be the internationalist solidarity between migrant workers and locals in order to repel the attack of capital against the most basic rights to life and democratic freedoms. Today, it is more critical than ever to raise the class unity of the whole working class - locals and immigrants - against the totalitarian fascistisization of social life which aims at the strangulation of the already impoverished labouring and popular masses, against imperialism. The solidarity and protection of the struggle of our immigrant hunger striker brothers from state repressive mechanisms is now a matter of life and death for the working class and the people.

  • Immediate satisfaction of the demands of the hunger striker!
  • Unconditional legalization of immigrants living and working in Greece!
  • Civil and social rights for migrant workers!
  • Down with state terrorism!

March 2011

Movement for the Reorganization of the Communist Party of Greece (1918-55) -

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