Thursday, March 03, 2011

On Sahara and the Criminal Repression by the Moroccan Government

We vigorously denounce the fierce repression that the Alawite government of Mohammed VI has unleashed against the Saharawi camp of Gdaim Izik, in which the Moroccan repressive forces (police, paramilitaries and army) carried out attacks, demolished the camp and killed and wounded dozens, including women and children. The Moroccan government has imposed a total blockade and prevented journalists from getting to El Aaiun, the capital of the Sahara. However testimonies were gathered by “Human Rights Watch”, which denounced the beatings and torture to which the Saharawi detainees have been subjected, even in hospitals, where the police stood guard to beat the wounded as they arrived.

The Rabat government is not applying any of the UN decision on the Sahara, demanding its independence or self-determination; it is ignoring them and with the greatest cynicism and arrogance it is occupying the Sahara and sending in its own settlers, usually military personnel disguised as civilians. The Moroccan government is counting on the complicity and support of French and U.S. imperialism; with its silent consent and hypocrisy the Spanish government is avoiding its responsibility towards what was previously a "Spanish province" and cowardly let Morocco occupy it.

The rebellion and struggle of the Saharawi people is just and has our full support. We demand the withdrawal of the Moroccan troops from the Sahara and that it consistent apply the right to self-determination.

Long live the Saharawi people's struggle led by the Polisario Front!

Long live a free and independent Sahara!


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