Thursday, March 03, 2011

Resolution on NATO

At the recent summit in Lisbon, under the smiling masks of Obama and Medvedev, Sarkozy and Rasmussen, Zapatero, Berlusconi and Merkel, with their hypocritical words of withdrawal from Afghanistan, NATO has taken a further step in its strategy of war and terror.

The worsening and prolongation of the crisis of the capitalist system, the subsequent intensification of the contradictions among the imperialist powers for markets, natural resources, spheres of influence, financial control (as seen in the recent G-20 summit), placed on NATO's agenda plans for war and the militarization of society. NATO is also imposing a more marked and continued interference in the internal affairs of countries that are under U.S. hegemony and is planning military intervention against the movements for national liberation and for the social emancipation of the working class.

At the Lisbon meeting, NATO proclaimed its intention to intervene wherever any of its members are threatened. This makes clear an aggressive imperialist policy abroad, but these words also mean a policy of repression within the members of NATO, which will develop a more active role against all social, union, political and other movements that threaten the interests of the ruling classes.

As Brzezinski, the co-founder of the Trilateral Commission, stated some months ago: "for the first time in all of human history, mankind is politically awakened – that is a totally new reality – it has not been so for most of human history." This represents a great danger for the bourgeoisie and a big opportunity for the working class and oppressed peoples.

NATO is an organization for global aggression, it is a gigantic machine for imperialist intervention to control the people in every way, and to perpetuate the supremacy of the United States and the survival of the system of exploitation.

In its intention to encircle Russia (which includes false embraces among imperialist bandits), to threaten Iran, China, north Korea, to support Israel's terrorist policy, to keep the European countries under U.S. control and expand its presence in other regions, NATO is both a political yoke and a financial burden that today more than ever the peoples must reject.

Therefore, the parties and organizations of ICMLPO together with all revolutionary, anti-imperialist, progressive, peace-loving forces, and those who fight for the freedom of the peoples, we say "We won't pay for your crisis, we won't pay for your wars!"

– We demand an end to military spending. The money must be used for the basic needs of the workers, the unemployed, the youth.

– We demand the closure of all imperialist military bases, for a world free of weapons of destruction against the peoples.

– We demand the immediate withdrawal of military troops from Afghanistan and other occupied countries, and we support the resistance of the peoples oppressed by imperialism.

– We demand the dismantling of NATO, an aggressive organization for war and terror against the people.

– NATO Out of Our Countries, Our Countries Out of NATO!


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